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Water beads  are amazingly beautiful and have  so many different uses!! Fill any clear vase with them  to create  unique and stunning centerpieces, use as a soil medium to grow healthier plants, replace  soil  with water beads when growing water loving plants,  excellent product to grow water loving bulb or for  seed starter medium, use for theraputic  interactive play with supervised children, make cool neck bands or  air fresheners just to name of few. 

 Water beads are capable of absorbing 100 times its weight in water, they will absorb water until they have reached their size capacity, over time they begin to release the water as they start to dehydrate and can be used over again . Since they are non toxic they can be recycled by mixing them in garden soil or compost piles . If fragrance oils have been added do not use in soil or recycled in compost piles.   Water Beads have many different  names but they are all the same product with the exception that some are better quality than others.. Some of these names are Orbeez, water crystals, water marbles, gel marbles, etc. These water beads have been tested to  hold up longer while some  of the others will turn to mush much quicker.  Choose from a variety of beautiful colors, can be layered without bleeding into other colors to create stunning vase fillers for any occasion or for home and office.